Here are a some tips and tricks gathered from a seasoned lax momma to help you through jamborees and tournaments.

Tip 1– Label your gear!  We always have shoes, sweatshirts, etc laying around the team area.  (Label Daddy has some fun labels you can buy.)

Tip 2– Look for the Niceville Flags/Tents and the jamborees and tournaments.  Each team will have a bench that we meet at between games.

Tip 3– Be sure and sign up to bring snack and drinks.  Sign ups will be sent out early in the week for each jamboree and tournament.  Snacks are placed in the tent area for all teams to enjoy.

Tip 4– Please remind your player to clean up after themselves to keep the team area clean!

Tip 5– Durning games sit across from our team bench on the sidelines at least 5 feet away from the field lines for safety.  Watch out for missed shots and flying balls when walking between fields.  There are kids passing everywhere!

LAX SURVIVAL KIT:  Here is a list of things you may want to have for jamborees/tournaments:

Gear (labeled), Backup lax stick, Extra mouthguard, Protective cup (1 extra), Water bottle with long straw to drink without taking helmet off, Cash for parking and food, Wagon, Garbage bags (for those muddy jamborees; you can throw everything in there), Suntan lotion, Bug spray, Wipes, TP (for porta potties), Hand sanitizer, Band aids, Snacks, Drinks, Cooler, Ice, Tent, Umbrella (for rain and sun), Hats (for spectators), Chairs, Wet towels (for around the neck to cool kids down), Juice packs, Camera, Phone charger, Rain boots, Hot hands, Raincoat, Change of clothes/ shoes for post game, Dress in layers (cold in the morning/hot in the afternoon).