NELC's goal for our 7th and 8th grade players is to help each player reach their full lacrosse potential in a fun and exciting environment.  The team will focus on basic skill development, building lacrosse IQ, teamwork and sportsmanship.


The NELC has a goal to provide every child the opportunity to play lacrosse.  We rely on volunteer coaches to make that happen. If you are willing to help, please click below.  We have a training program for new coaches, so no lacrosse experience is necessary.



Registration for 3rd - 4th-grade players is $99.

Registration for 5th - 8th-grade players is $99.

Registration includes practice and competition event fees.


NELC offers a fall and spring season.  Our fall season runs from September through November and our spring season runs from January through May.  See our schedule page for more information.


7th and 8th grade players attend one weekly 90-minute practice in the fall and two weekly 90-minute practices in the spring. A third practice a week is at the coaches discretion and could affect grades 5th and up.

Practice times and location will be sent out to your player by each team's volunteer coach.


7th and 8th grade girls will play 10-v-10.  Game play will consists of 10 total players per team (3 attack, 3 midfielders, 3 defensive players, and a goalie).  Games will consist of two 22-minute running time halves, with a 5-minute halftime period.


The fall season games are played during a single two-day fall tournament usually held in Fort Walton Beach in early November.  The tournament includes 2-3 games of pool play on Saturday and 1-3 games of single elimination play on Sunday.


The spring season games are played during several one-day jamborees generally held on Saturdays between Panama City and Mobile.  The jamborees include 2 games for each team.



Our Tournaments consist of 2 games per team. The league typically tries to plan the games with only an hour in between. For example, a team might have 10 am and 12 noon games. That means the player arrives at 9 am, plays from 10 am-10:45 am, has a break until warmup at 11:45 am, plays the second game from 12 noon-12:45 pm, and is free to leave or stay and watch other teams. Tournament games can start as early as 8 am or as late as 6 pm.


The uniform store will open August 28th - September 1st for uniform purchasing. There might be an opportunity to try on sample sizes that week. Uniforms are ordered through the company directly, so there may be shipping fees as applicable.

Required uniform items for the spring season include (Girls) reversible tops and shorts. (Boys) two tops and shorts. Only Boys need pads, cups, and gloves.

Goalie helmet for $330 available. Email



The following equipment is required for all girls lacrosse players and must be brought to practice:

Lacrosse stick, goggles, mouth guard and cleats.  Please see the player information section of our FAQS page for more information.

Cleats - do not have to be lacrosse-specific.  Soccer or softball cleats work just fine.
Eye goggles - something like these:
Goggle strap - some girls complain that the standard strap pulls hair so this is an option:
Mouthguard - cannot be clear or solid white.  Buy 2.
Girls lacrosse stick - be sure it's not a boys stick.  Here is just an example, but they vary in price/quality/color:
You can find gear usually at Dick's Sporting Goods in Destin or in Pace.  Some of this can also be found on Amazon.  Cleats and mouthguards can be found many places.