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If you have questions, check with your coach or youth boys director before purchasing equipment to ensure it complies with the latest safety standards and USLacrosse rules. 


Well fitting and functional equipment is critical for player safety and enjoyment of the game.


Required Equipment Includes:

1) Lacrosse stick (All players use the same size stick, except 12U and above defensemen and goalies).

2) Lacrosse Helmet

3) Mouthguard - any mouthguard suitable for contact sports

4) Shoulder pads

5) Arm pads 

6) Gloves

7) Athletic cup

8) Cleats (lacrosse specific cleats are not necessary, football and soccer cleats also work well) 

9) Rib pads (Optional equipment, generally not be needed at lower age levels.  Some boys like to wear the football Evoshield shirts that provide rib/abdomin protection)















Starter packages are available at multiple online retailers.  Shop around for best prices.  Complete sets (helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves) range from $180 - $240. offers multiple starter sets as wells as equipment overview videos, size charts for first time purchases, and an introductory lacrosse gear guide also offers a wide selection of gear for any skill level and also provide a good amount of background information and gear recommendations. 

Dick's Sporting Goods - A good selection of lacrosse equipment is available in stock at the Pensacola location, as well as online.  Dick's provides the advantage of being able to try on equipment prior to purchase, provides a military discount, and provides discount coupons after joining their mialing list.